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Entrepreneur Lawrence Sanders opened Big Mama's Hot Dogs in the spring of 2003, with a clear vision of creating the Inland Empire and SoCal's #1 Mobile Food Service & Catering Business. Trained at home under the watchful eye of his mother Francis, who loved to cook and was always delighted to see Family, Friends and Guests enjoy her finger licking dishes and raved about the taste & quality of the food she served.  In fact, everyone loved her food as much as she loved preparing and serving it.  It was a given, if you came to visit, you were going to have to eat something she cooked...  Thats why everybody called her "Big Mama".

When Lawrence decided on the Mobile Food Service & Catering Business, his extensive knowledge and passion for perfection was indispensable.  Naming his company after "Big Mama" was a must and a motivator in keeping with her high standards in food preparation and service. 

Now, in it's 7th year of service, Big Mama's Hot Dogs has become a staple in the Down Town Legal Commerce District of Riverside, CA and a go-to choice for many big named event promoters and organizers as well as other businesses in Southern California.  Lawrence says "Big Mama's Hot Dogs is our name but we do much more".  Many other mobile food venders will agree, as well as Riverside County's Environmental Health Dept, The City of Riverside and other Cities and Public Agencies.  Many of which have used the services of Big Mama's Hot Dogs for various promotions and public events. 

Today, Big Mama's Hot Dogs provides Commissary & Deli Services to a number of Inland Empire mobile food venders and concessionaires and provides many of the items needed to run their businesses.  From Hot Dogs, Chips and Drinks to Cups, Spoons, Forks and Napkins.  We even provide Hot Dog Carts, Grills & Walk-in Vehicle Designs.  Lawrence is consulting with people from around the Country about the Mobile Food and Catering Business and often gives free information on-line.  You can get the FAQ's & A's of the business by signing up for the free information service.  You'll get FREE Tips, Audio's, Videos, eBooks, & Reports on the business.  Free Downloads, CD's, DVD's,  and more.

For information on planing parties and events to getting paid to  give away free Hotdogs.  Do Company Promotions, to starting your own mobile food service & catering business.   Designing, Building Your Own (MFF) Mobile Food Facility to Fundraising and just about anything else you'll need to know about the Mobile Food service and Catering Business can be found at Big Mama's Hot Dogs and Mobile Food Concessions.

Don't waste you time chasing rainbows only to find tidbits of information on this or that subject and have to start all over because you did not have all the Information you needed.  Now with Big Mama's Hot Dogs, Commissary and Concessions you'll have access to all the Up-to-the-Minute Information available to the Mobile Food Service and Catering Industry in one place.  Most of it is available on-line for free.

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